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Spiral Illustrations

Published October 20, 2011 by lauranaudi

Incredible Spiral Illustrations by Chan Hwee Chong forĀ Faber CastellĀ Pen. Check out the video!

He manages to create impressive spiral illustrations of historical figures without even lifting his pen from the paper.–Pic–Gear.html


Dansa min docka exhibit

Published October 20, 2011 by lauranaudi

Amelie Hegardt

has produced a range of illustrations for various clients. some of these include Harrods, HM, Mac cosmetics, sisters.

The three images below are for the client : Dansa min docka exhibit

The following two are for the client : Sisters





For the client : Sigrid Morrison





The next is for the client : Mac cosmetics






I am extremely fond of all of Amelie Hegardt’s work, she creates the most unusual designs which are eye-catching and visually interesting to look at.